Bozeman Municipal Band 100th Season FUNDRAISER!!!


Goal achieved so far: 6.20% of total goal!!

Hello Community of the Gallatin Valley!!

My name is Hayden Woods, and in collaboration with the Bozeman Municipal Band Board of Directors, we are here to launch a campaign for the upcoming season of the B.M.B:

Next summer the Bozeman Municipal Band of Bozeman, Montana will be celebrating 100 years of musical service to Bozeman and its neighboring communities! There are many ideas that have been brought to the Board's attention for how to make this season memorable. The contribution I have presented and would like to work with them on is to create a commissioned march for this ensemble (the primary purpose of this fundraiser). The goal length of this march will be 5 minutes, with more time added pending end fund goals.


THE PROJECT NEEDS TO BE FUNDED (fully or majority) BY NOVEMBER 6, 2019 so that work can begin on this aspect and focus of the board can turn to the other aspects in the planning phase.

The initial goal funding of this project is $5,000 to cover more than just the composer fee. Using the following breakdown, this is the base allocations of the funds:
- $3,500: Composer fees (5 minute piece, see FAQ)
- $750 (est.): Patron rewards (see below!!!)
- $500 (est.): Payment Processor for fundraiser
- $100 (est.): Printing costs of score and parts for band (drafts included)
- $150 (est.): Remainder that goes to the Bozeman Municipal Band Fund


Through our online fundraiser, donations will be tracked automatically to assess the progress made over time. It is advised that you do not make donations anonymous unless you are wishing to opt out of receiving the perks listed below. The composer and board would like to give generous recognition where it is due, but if it is absolutely necessary to remain anonymous then those wishes will be respected and observed appropriately.
We are also able to track OFFLINE donations this way, and we have set up a dedicated account at Stockman Bank in order to facilitate this process and reach as many potential donors as possible. In this way, you can directly make donations to the "Bozeman Municipal 100th Year Commission Fund". This way allows us to see the immediate result in the community and allows us to retain more of your donations for this project!

What are some the perks we may be able to receive for donating?

We have compiled tier rewards for your consideration based on the amount you wish to contribute. Showing your support this way allows us to give to the community a memorable experience, along with some collectibles for this once-in-a-lifetime chance for the group:

--Friends of the Band: $1.00-$9.99: You will receive YOUR NAME INSIDE THE SCORE in the acknowledgements section, and a personal email/letter from the composer for thanks!
--Brass Supporter: $10.00-$29.99: You will receive a PDF COPY OF THE SCORE, along with your name in the score and the personal email/letter!
--Bronze Performer: $30.00-$59.99: You will receive an ENAMEL PIN OF THE B.M.B. LOGO (design above, not final), , along with a PDF score, name in score and personal email/letter!
--Silver Section Leader: $60.00-$89.99: You will receive a 2020 B.M.B. 100TH SEASON CALENDAR, along with the pin, PDF score, name in score and personal email/letter!
--Golden Conductor: $90.00-$149.99: You will receive a PRINTED MUSIC SCORE, signed by the composer and various members of the board/band, along with the calendar, pin, PDF score, name in score and personal email/letter!
**Limited Quantities for next 3**
--Platinum Court: $150.00-$249.99 (*limit 50 available at this time*)
At this tier, you will receive a MUSIC MEDAL with a text engraving on the back that defines your significant contribution to this project, as well as everything in the Gold tier. This tier also gives you 25 characters to put in a dedication (appropriate and approved by the composer and board) next to your space. Thank you very much!!
--Diamond Advisers: $250.00-$499.99 (*limit 35 available at this time*)
At this tier, you will receive a RISER TROPHY with a clear crystalline centerpiece and engraved message that proclaims your outstanding donation to the project, as well as everything in Gold tier. This tier also gives you 50 characters to put in a dedication (appropriate and approved by the composer and board) next to your space. You make this season shine!! (note: you will NOT receive the medal in Platinum tier)
--Sapphire Society: $500.00+ (*limit 25 available at this time*)
You will receive a BLUE FACET ACRYLIC CRYSTALLINE WEDGE that signifies your immense support for this project. You will also receive everything in Gold tier and 75 characters to put in a dedication (appropriate and approved by the composer and board) next to your space. (note: you will NOT receive the trophy of Diamond tier or the medal of Platinum tier).

*Businesses are able to receive some perks for their sponsorship, including advertising spaces. We are currently beginning work with Signs of Montana to put together a banner that would be displayed at EVERY performance opportunity, and will have the ability to display local sponsorship on the flyers preceding the season.*


When can we expect to see my tier perk rewards?
The idea is that the perks that are not score related will start going out by December 2019, and that the scores will be distributed upon completion, revision and printing. The hope behind this is that the composer and the commissioning party are both able to secure their rights agreed upon in the contract of this project. Updates will be provided as these processes are underway.

What will happen if the goals are met by a significant amount?
Well, we will have some stretch goals in mind as goals are met:
$5,000 is the base goal, with the breakdown in the initial section of this piece. Every $833.33 after this goal adds a minute of music to the commission, up to 3 additional minutes. Any amounts above this will go towards the band's future seasons, equipment needs, potential additional commissioned works and more. Stay tuned for updates.

Why crowdfunding and what are the risks of this campaign?
Funding a commission piece is no task that comes without financial obligation. The composer has to cover living expenses across the entire time utilized on the piece, be it through composition, listening for research, feedback from colleagues and more. On top of this, acquiring these funds outright can be difficult through one source. By crowdfunding, the potential of the project increases immensely with the assistance of the greater community. This becomes a project funded through the community and will yield a unique experience for all parties involved, culminating in the performance of a piece composed specifically for Bozeman and its communities!!

The risks of this campaign are only through ensuring that the goals are met. When you make a donation through our online fundraiser, the funds are collected by the payment processor until such a time that the withdraw will be made. By using this method, we are also able to track the donations made offline (directly to the dedicated account) which will reduce the needed base funds required to meet these goals. If by the end of the initial campaign run the goal is not going to be met, then the funds will be refunded and the endeavor of the commission piece will need to be re-evaluated.

If the goal is at a majority funded or has attained the base goal, then the campaign will be extended and open to ensure goals are met or patrons have time for securing their tier (the latest this campaign will close will be in Spring 2020 to give the band, board and composer time to prepare for the 100th season). In November pending funds, the commission process will start and the tier rewards will be ordered for those who donated since the beginning. Additional donors' perk orders will be placed as we are able to. For more about the organizer & composer, visit https://woodshaydenlee.wixsite.com/trombone to find out about his work, life and services.

What other places can we keep up-to-date on the progress of this fundraiser and project?
Aside from the composer's website listed above, there are social pages for both the composer and the band (give them a like/subscribe/follow to stay in the know):
Composer's FB page: https://www.facebook.com/hayden.woods.trombone
Bozeman Municipal Band page: https://www.facebook.com/BozemanMunicipalBand
For more information that may not be covered, contact Hayden Woods at the email in the Craigslist contact, and make the headline of the email "Bozeman Municipal 100th Season Commission Inquiries". Thank you very much and we look forward to presenting this momentous occasion with you all.
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