Holstein Milk Cow - $2,500 (Pray)

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Meet Lilly! She’s a full-blood Holstein family friendly milk cow. Currently, not in milk. She came up open this year, no fault of her own- (our bull broke his knee before we got her bred this last fall.)

*When she is in milk, she is the best! She is a wonderful momma, and great support for other calves if you want to graft. In the past we have put about 4 calves on her and she still give plenty of milk for a (human) family of four. When she is supporting only her own calf, we get close to 9 gallons a day from her.
*She is halter broke, gentle in the milking stand (we don’t even use a stand, just loosely tie her to a rail and give her some grain, she won’t move)
*You can hand milk or machine milk, she is comfortable with either. A seven year old is perfectly capable of milking her- so I’m sure you can too! If your brand new at milking she is a great cow to help you learn. (I can help you too)

*She does require extra feed when milking, high protein and high fats. The better quality feed you put in the better quality milk you will get out. (if your hoping to go “grain-free” then PLEASE do your research and know what your are doing or you will starve a Holstein to death.) She is not a cow you can only feed grass to, milk 9 gallons from and expect her to maintain weight.
*She is not A2A2. She’s a Holstein, most are not.

Seems like a dream come true right? So why are you selling her?- Well we started our milking journey with Lilly and she has taught us a lot, but we are moving more into our registered herd of mini Herefords and she is tooo big! She is about 4 times the size of our minis! We also have raised our own jersey-Hereford cross and she is providing our family with enough milk for the time being (we are not interested in selling milk- we do not have enough time for that!) Asking $2500 OBO to the right family.

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