Youngstock-Fjord-DRAFTX-AQHA-Mini-Gaited - $1,800

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#1Located in Harlowton Montana
Born 7/16/23
Friesian Sporthorse/Fjord Cross Stud Colt
SIRED BY MAVROS (pictured below)
Sired by Makers Mark (FriesianxPercheron)
Out of black QH mare (Eddys HancockxPoco Bueno)
OUT of DANNIKA By Moodys Olaf (purebred fjord mare pictured)
This little guy is gonna be a hoss, he might only top out out 14.3-15 hands. But he's gonna be double strong and easy on the eyes. We've raised similar crosses previously and they are amazingly calm and hardy. They tend to have excellent feet, endurance, and substance. And because of the fjord they are apt to stay fat off less feed than most of your draft crosses. Dam is broke and like all the Moodys Olaf babies, she's smart, kind and easy to train. The stud kinda speaks for himself anymore, they just don't get any handsomer than Mavros. He is also very kind, smart and easy going. This colt will be a great prospect for a mountain horse or pleasure horse. Ride, pack, or drive, I'm sure you'll be glad to have him.
Located in Harlowton Montana
Foaled 07/01/2023
Friesian Sport Horse/ BLM Mustang Cross
Black Stud Colt
SIRED BY MAVROS (pictured below)
Sired by Makers Mark (FriesianxPercheron)
Out of black QH mare (Eddys HancockxPoco Bueno)
OUT OF PATTY dun mustang mare picture
Another 1/4 draft stud colt we are excited to present. He's a flashy black color and should be really shapey. Hard black feet and very hardy. His mother was an excellent saddle horse prior to becoming a broodmare. Carries those good mustang traits of hardiness, tough feet, and travels rough country with grace. His sire is consistently throwing good minds and a lot of substance. Along with that nice arch in the neck, feathers, and nice gaits. If you are looking for a mountain horse or a good sturdy using horse I think this guy will foot the bill.
Located in Big Timber Montana
Foaled June 27th 2023
1/4 Draft Bay Filly
SIRED BY MAVROS PercheronxFriesianAQHA (featured in pictures)
Sired by Makers Mark (FriesianxPercheron-going back to Illuminati on Friesian side)
Out Of Shasta (Poco BuenoxHancock)
OUT OF KIT (Grade thoroughbred mare)
My people that do multiple disciplines take a look!! This filly is going to have the bone, the substance, the bottom, and the athleticism to go any direction. She will be a little taller and a little quicker footed than our other 1/4 draft foals. My bet is that she will have plenty of speed and balance, she already covers the rough country well. Both sire and dam have really mellow intelligent personalities, they are very easy to get along with and trainable. I think you could take this filly and jump with her, swap saddles, go to work on the ranch. She will have a great back and will be able to hold about anything you want.
#4 Located In Big Timber Montana
Foaled 5/21/23
AQHA filly
(BLUE VALENTINE, GOOSEBERRY, DRIFTWOOD SENSATION, LEO PRUETT)Pedigree is in pictures, along with a picture of himself. This stud was used as a ranch horse in Wyoming the spring these mare were bred. Sold through BLS this spring for $17,500. Super nice horse with a pedigree that speaks for its self.
(parents and pedigree featured in pictures)
Another super nice AQHA filly, out of them old but gold bloodlines. This filly has bone and substance for days. Not to mention very well muscled with a sharp color to boot. This filly is bred to excel at anything, especially ranch work. Ill say it a hundred times, that's a tall order to be a good ranch horse. She has been running in a big river bottom pasture since birth and man she carries her self well. Has super good feet and she's just going to get cooler looking when the foal coat sheds off. If you're looking to breed foundation horses or raise a good using horse for yourself, don't pass her up.
Located In Big Timber Montana
Foaled 5/8/23
AQHA filly
(BLUE VALENTINE, GOOSEBERRY, DRIFTWOOD SENSATION, LEO PRUETT)Pedigree is in pictures, along with a picture of himself. This stud was used as a ranch horse in Wyoming the spring these mare were bred. Sold through BLS this spring for $17,500. Super nice horse with a pedigree that speaks for its self.
CAPITOL LETTERS on the topside, PC FROST EM PEPPY BY SUNFROST himself bottom side
This filly is a gorgeous combination of phenomenal genetics. She will be stout and athletic with good bone and foot. She should be homozygous for the dun factor. Definitely bred to be a using horse but you know when they say just a ranch horse that's a tall order. I honestly think she will have the brain and athleticism to excel anywhere you put her. She is super sharp looking and its just going to get better when her foal coat sheds off. So wether you are shopping to add to the breeding program or the using string, take a look.
#6 2023 Filly
By Mavros (1/4 Percheron-1/4 Friesian-1/2 AQHA) Sporthorse
Out of Twix AQHA mare (we are struggling to find the papers 😅)
This is a big soggy, hard footed, catty filly. Her dam was a personal favorite to ride prior to becoming a full time broodmare. Twix is cowy, smart, sure footed, and gentle. Soggy and pretty, with hard feet. Just an absolute favorite here. Sire is consistently throwing good mind, backs, bone, and feet. She should mature around 15 hands, with a ton of mass.
#7 2023 mini stud colt Red and white Tobiano
Sire Fabio 29 inch palomino Tobiano
Dam Paisley 32 in red and white Tobiano
This little guy is super cute, well marked. Both parents are super gentle and kind. He should be too. 💰1️⃣8️⃣0️⃣0️⃣💰
#8 2023 Fjord/Draft/QH filly Dun with a star
Sired by Mavros(1/4 Percheron-1/4friesian-1/2QH)
Out of Hilda Purebred Fjord
This filly is a stunner! She has the bone, the mass, the shape. Super muscular and flashy. Her sire has been throwing flashy, kind, and smart foals. She should have super hard feet, be very easy keeping, smooth gaits, and sure of foot. We have bred similar crosses in the past and people generally keep them for life. Great mountain horses. But also should be great for driving, they have tremendous strength.
#9 Tucker
Located in Big Timber Montana
3 year old 14.2-14.3 hands Red Dun Gelding
Rugged Lark x Peppy San Badger Bred
Tucker is a striking young gelding. Really put together nicely with a sharp color. He has a puppy dog demeanor, greets you at the gate. Loves pets and people. He has a real pretty head, deep girth, and is nice and broad. Tucker is only halter broke and is ready to start your way, clean slate.
#10 Cuervo
Located in Big Timber Montana
2022 Bay Stud Colt 1/4 Draft
Sired by Makers Mark (FriesianxPercheron)
Out Of Shasta (Eddys HancockxPoco Bueno)
Paso Fino Mare (was told she was a granddaughter of world champion Notorio)
Now I know what everyone is thinking, what a funny cross!? But some of our gaited people gotta be a little bit excited, if anything curious! This colt is gaited, don't ask me the rhythm I'm not that level of educated lol. But for those of you who prefer gaited horses but want one with some size take a look! This colt should mature around 14.1-14.2, and have bigger bone and foot. Both parents have good backs, legs, and feet. They also both have a ton of stamina. His sire stands about 15.2, has the beautiful friesian mane, and feathers. He got the heavy bone and foot from the Percheron side and a calm intelligent demeanor. Cuervos older siblings are training up nicely. Cuervos dam, was green broke as a 3 year old. then kicked out on pasture until she was 7. We drove her around the round pen a little bit then stepped on. She didn't miss a beat, gentle and kind, and willing as can be. This spring she was in the wrong pasture, a family member jumped on her bareback and led the other horses back. I just can't say enough about her personality. She's smooth as glass to sit and exceptionally kind. She is about 13.2 hands tall. She is also available to purchase, due to the fact that she doesn't quite fit the program. And what a waste of a nice trail horse. Cuervo himself is friendly and likes butt scratches. Has not been halter broke but we can do so if need be.
#11 Cruiser-Located in Big Timber Montana
2022 Bay Stud Colt 1/4 Draft-3/4 QH
SIRED BY MAVROS- Friesian Sport Horse
Sired By Makers Mark (Friesian X Percheron)
Out of Shasta AQHA (Eddys Hancock X Poco Bueno)
Doc Bar Bred AQHA Mare
(I know “every” quarter horse is Doc Bar bred.. this mare has him a substantial amount of times. Not far back)Cruiser is a super handsome draft cross with a lot of leg. He is gonna be built to cover the country. He isn’t lacking in bone and hoof either. Has a good back, and excellent angles in his shoulder and hip. Cruiser is kinda going through a yearling ugly patch but take a look at his sire and dam! He is going to come out of it striking. His sire is about 15.2, heavy bone and foot, with the beautiful friesian mane and feathers. Mavros is very kind and good to handle, quiet, and intelligent. Scooby his dam is a really shapey, flashy mare, stands about 14.3. She came out of a program that was very foundation bred and is also not lacking bone and foot. She has a deep girth and a good back. The foals from this stallion are proving to be very quiet and smart mounts. Dams brother was top seller at their dispersal sale, proving an excellent saddle horse.
That being said this colt has great genetic potential to be an excellent mount. Colt himself has a kind and quiet, greet you at the gate personality. Can be halter broke at buyers choosing, has been halted a few times. And you can pet him and scratch him all over.
#12 Located in Big Timber Montana Brutus
2022 fjord stud colt
We rarely have any fjord yearlings left the year after, this guy just happened to be weaned really late. Then we haven't posted him until now.
Brutus is by Snowy Ridges Moodys Olaf. He always throws such good minds, we have just been astounded over the years. The intelligence and kindness these colts have gives them a puppy dog like demeanor. They usually keep these demeanors all the way through life. Brutus has siblings doing cross country, dressage, pulling wagons for special events, ranch horses, therapy horses. These are the kind of horses that you leave off for a year then go have a great ride. On the other hand they are tough and hardy, requiring less feed than other breeds. They hold up to hard work with minimum maintenance. Olaf throws amazing hoof, and endurance. Brutus's mother Lucy was broke to a team before becoming a broodmare. 10 years later you can jump on her bareback and ride her. They are just that quiet.
Brutus likes pets and scratches, is halter broke.
HAS A BUMP ON FRONT RIGHT, moves sound though
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