2008 gmc Yukon Denali - $2,500

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2008 Gmc yukon denali for sale.
Over all this a great vehicle. Lots of fancy options for its age. Drives real nice, interior is clean, great 4 wheel drive, minus the front end damage its good looking. 190kmiles.

-Black leather interior, heated front and middle row seats. Removable third row seating. No rips or tears, very comfortable.
-Fantastic Bose sound system, aux cord, touch screed display, cd player works on and off, but cds and dvds tend to get stuck, there is a dvd screen in the back as well.
-Runs and drives great, powerful 6.2L 8 cylinder engine.
-stylish 22" rims
-AC and Heat both work great
- Amazing AWD, its fantastic in snow and on ice
-Relatively low miles for its age at 187k
- Automatic trunk door, sun roof
-Regular oil changes

-Front exterior passenger handle was ripped off in one of our real cold spells.
-Salvage title due to hail damage, (lots of things were replaced after that, basically only dents on the roof
-I was run off the road a few winters ago in this vehicle which caused me to run into a fence. Nothing serious damaged, but bumper cover, lower grill and some other plastics are now off the vehicle. Pictures will show the extent of this damage, there is a place in billings that has every part to replace all of this for 600$. OR, weld a metal bumper on, OR check in with AF&T frequently and I'm sure you could find something. There is a stock metal bumper on the vehicle still that protects the front end.
-Oil pressure sensor is out, which makes the gauge read 0 pressure but i can assure there is no issue with the oil pressure.
-cracked windshield
- 3 of the 4 tire pressure sensors need to be replaced to read inside the car properly.
- Rear Window Wiper was snapped off, it is taped on tightly with gorilla tape now and works fine, but again AF&T will have one eventually if you wanted it replaced.
-There is a pulsing when breaking in this vehicle. I have had it in many different front end shops and replaced many things but no-one can figure out the pulsing. Every shop tells me everything is tight and safe. Ive replaced wheel bearings, control arms, breaks, pads, and some bushings here and there. Cant figure it out. The car stops just fine, and i have been driving it like this for quite some time without safety concern.
-This car has air ride, and it has gone out. Ive driven it around like this for a while, not a huge issue for me. You can buy regular struts and omit the air ride.

Over all, this vehicle is fantastic, I really enjoy driving it. Its reliable, safe, and could be a real looker if the front end was fixed up. I have driven this car every day for the last 5 years without any major issue. The only reason we are selling is because we finally upgraded to a truck. If you have any questions or offers please don't hesitate to reach out. Thank you.

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